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June 12, 2008


David Jenkins

Boy, could I tell you stories ...

First time around, folks were threatening lawsuits that TBPAC was discriminating by not allowing children under 5 in the theater. We also had irate adults writing letters about how their night was ruined over behavior as you describe who demanded their money back.

And despite letters going out with every ticket sold saying every patron regardless of age had to have a ticket, people showed up with infants without a ticket who they thought they could just put in their lap.

Disney didn't really want to exclude kids under 5 because, well, they're Disney.

It's standard here that children 5 and under are only permitted in designated Toddler Friendly shows, that all patrons have to have a ticket, and if anyone is disruptive in the theater for any reason they can be asked to leave without a refund.

There was also a lot of stuff sent out about why The Lion King really isn't for little kids (first sign: 2.5 hours), but most people don't read. Or listen. Or they say that their child is different. Or it's their child's birthday and they are special and should be allowed to have their day.

And so on.

At the core of the whole thing, in my opinion, is that we generally have a lot of bad audience behavior in general from people who either don't know how to behave in a theater (or believe the rules do not apply to them) and so they do not prepare their kids for a trip, or these are people who have giant entitlement issues and no regard for anyone else who might be impacted by the behavior in their group - adult or child.

Sad, really.

Sorry your experience was compromised. I hate that ...

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