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May 19, 2008


David Jenkins

Well, I highly doubt you're the bad mom in any regard, but I can honestly say with certainty that at least you're not the bad stage mom.

I appreciate that personally (and of course professionally), but more than that I'd say my limited exposure with your parenting leaves me believing that I doubt you're bad at much - if any - of it.

It's crazy because my friends all seem to be pretty decent parents, but I can't say the same about my daily interaction with strangers and while I am here at work.

Your impossible standards/making too much of it argument is spot on from where I sit.

Soccer Mom

Spot On, says the woman trying to avoid being swept into the surge of another crazed year of soccer. If I went to every game and every road trip, I would hate my child, weigh 300 lbs. and need more therapy. Thanks for your perspective - online and on the phone.

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